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Trilogy Characters

  • Head of the private organization Parabellum. Vin's two sons, Scotty and Vance are also part of his company. The Angel family has a close alliance with the Cambridge family as Vin rescued Rececca Cambridge from an abduction when she was young.

  • Second in command at Parabellum.

  • Vin's older son, Scotty, works with his father and brother at Parabellum.

  • Vin's younger son, Vance, works with his father and brother at Parabellum. He is engaged to Rebecca Cambridge.

  • Rebecca Cambridge

    Rebecca was rescued as a young teenager by Vin, who was sent by her father, Marvin. She is engaged to Vin's younger son, Vance. Since the rescue, the Cambridge family has a close alliance with the Angel family.

  • Stephan Killian

    Leader of Mabus Raphael - the human branch of the angel army secret organization founded by the Archangel Raphael to protect humanity.

  • Mark Dexter

    A special operative for Parabellum.

  • Terry Williams

    Communications head for Parabellum.

  • Archangel Raphael

    Founder of Mabus Raphael - a human brach of the angel army secret organization, a human group who protects humanity. Mabus Raphael is a special operations force for Hayil Jehovah the army of angels (the army of God) and a counterforce to the Legio - the human army of Satan - led by the Nephilim, who are the fallen angels and their abominations.

  • Archangel Michael

    Protector of humanity.

  • Archangel Gabriel

    Protector of humanity.

  • Archangel Uriel

    Protector of humanity along with his brothers Petras and Simon.

  • Archangel Phenuel

    Protector of humanity.

  • Guardian Angel Juleas

    Guardian of humanity.

  • Warrior Angel Petras

  • Nehushtan

    Evil angel under Satan.

  • Asherah

    Evil angel under Satan.

  • Amon Ra

    Evil angel under Satan.

  • Baal

    Leader of Satan's Army.


KB Emerson tells a story that binds history, legends, lore and biblical adventures into a realm where angels, demons, man and technology collide and the very existence of the world hangs in the balance. In this first book the reader is introduced to the immortal offspring of fallen angels and the secret evil that they have played a role in since the dawn of humankind. K.B. Emerson brings a new sense of reality to ancient history and the spiritual war that is taking place all around us today. His intimate knowledge of warfare and Special Operations in particular take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of unconventional war and the asymmetrical environment Satan attacks us from.

K.B. Emerson lives with his wonderful wife and family in Texas.