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Introduces the powerful fallen angel leaders, their place in history and their role after the fall from heaven. We want to bring the reader further into the story in such a manner that they see an unbroken string from the dawn of time to present. I want them to experience the war, the fear, the excitement and adrenaline along with the reality of where we are in this entire spiritual battle that has gone on since the birth of creation. Recorded history, archaeology, legends of old, and mythology are explained in new and powerful ways. How each of these Principalities played a key role in very specific instances that mislead mankind resulting in false religions, horrendous wars, suffering, and evil that is almost impossible to imagine.

Of course Parabellum, Mabus-Raphael, Legio, and all of the cast of characters will return in full force as the clock continues to tick inside the nuclear weapons the Islamic Terrorists are carrying to their intended targets.