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HAYIL JEHOVAH (Army of God):

This is God’s angelic soldiers. Most often referred to as the Host of Heaven or the Angels who serve God, and fall directly under the command of Jesus Christ. Hayil Jehovah is the vanguard between the spiritual and physical realms, and are in a constant state of war with The Fallen for the very souls of mankind. Under the command of Jesus Christ, Hayil Jehovah waged war against Lucifer and his followers when Lucifer rose up against God for the Throne of Heaven. They are considered the most powerful beings in existence besides Jesus and His father, God. Hayil Jehovah is broken down into various levels of leadership with the Commander being Jesus, directly followed by his Archangel Generals: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.


MABUS RAPHAEL (Human Elite Force selected by the Archangel Raphael):

The tip of God’s sword that constantly cuts at the plans of the enemy. Mabus Raphael was formed in the early dawn of mankind’s presence on Earth from the small seeds of a people who became the most favored of God, Israel. On the day that Raphael fought Azazel on the desolate plain of Dudael, and his heavenly power was witnessed by a small tribe of shepherds, Mabus Raphael was created. God knew that man was incapable of fighting heavenly beings and so He directed the Archangel Raphael to select, form and train the elite force. Holy weapons were forged, tactics and strategy learned and the war in Heaven was now waged on Earth as well. As a result, it became imperative that these people be taught to deal with these evil and powerful dynamics. Raphael’s first mission has always been to preside over the spirit of man. He is the protector or defender of our well-being, and now that heavenly powers were released on Earth and mixed with humankind, Raphael created a counterforce. For thousands of years, Mabus Raphael has stood as the vanguard against the forces of the abominable, both heavenly and their Earth-bound spawn, the Nephilim. A select and specialized part of Hayil Jehovah—a special force with only one purpose, to hunt and to kill everything that is part of The Fallen.

Stephen Killian, a direct descendent and the firstborn of his generation from the first commander of Mabus Raphael, is the current Commander. Killian’s bloodline is an unbroken chain that can be traced directly back to the patriarch of the small tribe who witnessed the incredible battle between Azazel and Raphael on the plain of Dudael. Thousands of years later, that same family still stands shoulder to shoulder with Raphael and other warriors of The Host, fighting and many times dying to assure the forces of evil do not prevail.


LEGIO (Army of Satan):

The Latin root word for Legion, and the name given to Jesus by the many Demons possessing the man living among the tombs of the dead Gerasenes. Legio is the name chosen by Lucifer, the Archangel cast from Heaven during the war for heaven in which he lead The Fallen, the name given to the other Angels who followed Lucifer against God for the right to rule from the Throne. Legio is an Army organized and designed for war against both man and other spiritual beings. Leadership structure and chains of command are nearly identical to that of human kind. At the top is Lucifer, the High Commander, and under him follow The Principalities (Generals), who command vast sections of land and countries where they rule with absolute power and control.